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Usage instructions

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Usage instructions
Remove: Load and unload ropes by using crane. Do not roll wire rope on the ground when removing the ropes.Do not make wire rope dirty when removing the ropes without packaging.
Storage: Ropes should be stored in a clean dry place under cover. Re-lubrication is necessary for long term storage.Reels or coils should be kept off the ground and supported by timber under cover.
Maintenance: Rope maintenance requires re-lubrication and if necessary prior cleaning.
Examination of wire rope: Ropes should be examined periodically and rope dressing renewed as required.

Overload, abrasion, wrong sizes and damaged ropes are not allowed.
Examine wire rope before use.Damaged ropes are not allowed to be used.
Overload is not allowed.Read warnings before use.

Whenever handling long rope length is recommended that a suitable brake be applied to the storage reel to eliminate slack rope formation. The line tension should be adjusted in such a way that on the one hand on slack forms while on the other hand no twist is built into the rope while winding it on to the drum.









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